Many employees will have already, or will soon be required to work from home. The advent of COVID-19 has led to many realisations about the nature of work, how unnecessary offices often are and the benefits of a work-from-home lifestyle. But this is a HUGE shift that many are still unprepared for, so what can you expect and how can you best adapt?

  • Stay in touch. 
    Contribute regularly to team chats/group emails so you don’t drop off the radar (or drop the ball). Ask what people are working on and share what’s on your agenda. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t have working relationships with your team.
  • Ask for support when needed. 
    Speak out when you need assistance, further training or support. Your manager, colleagues and you are part of a team and should be supporting each other, especially remotely. If you’re struggling with something, let your team know so they’re informed of blockages and can assist wherever possible.
  • Make remote working work for you.
    Change where you sit, put on music, whatever helps you work. And enjoy the perks – no commute or uncomfortable shoes, and all your home comforts! Remember to set clear boundaries between work, family, entertainment and rest.