Do you know what drives you?

We are all driven by external and internal influences. Here we call these internal and external drivers. You need to understand what your internal and external drivers are so that you can know what propels you to make the decisions you make. 

External drivers come from outside you like your surroundings and the people you interact with. These can include the views of your parents, extended family, friends and colleagues. Your external drivers can also include financial rewards like your salary or a bonus. Having a title or achieving renown can also be eternal drivers. Having status and a reputation are other examples of external drivers. 

Internal driving forces come from inside you. Although there are some internal driving forces that can be seen as universal, your inner drivers will always be individual to you. Internal drivers include things like your moral code, your values, what you personally love to do and what you find rewarding on a deep inner level. In order to understand your inner driving forces, you need to think about everything that you do that gives you positive energy. Think about things that inspire you and that you are passionate about.

Now that you understand what external and internal drivers are and how these can influence your actions, we will look at how these can affect your career. When what you spend your time doing is in alignment with your inner and external drivers, your career will be very rewarding, and your experience of your career will be positive. The opposite hereof is also true. If you are in a job that is not aligned with your inner drivers, you will feel tired, you will not enjoy what you are doing and your overall wellbeing and happiness as a human being will decline. Take some time to think about how your internal and external drivers could affect your career.