Do you know you can test your values?

At this stage you already know your values, but did you know that each of our values carries its own strength? Think about this for a moment, you have your values, but there are some that are more prominent than others. You use some of these values more than others.

It is important to know the strength of our values as when we know the strength of our values, we know ourselves better and we know what values influence our choices more than others. You might be thinking, ok so how do I check the strength of my values?

Testing the strength of your values is an easy and convenient exercise that you should do frequently throughout your whole career life. As we grow as individuals through our experiences, our values change over time. Some of the values you have now will not change over time, but their strength might.

Testing the strength of your values is easy and this is how you do it. Write down your values with what you consider to be the most important and influential value at the top of the list. Now evaluate each of your values by asking yourself the following two questions for each value, can I give up this value for money? Once you have done this for all your values, evaluate the strength of all of them again by asking yourself whether you follow each value when no one sees you.

In order for a value to remain on your list of values, you need to answer NO to would you give up the value for money and YES to following the value when no one sees you. If you answer YES to giving up the value for money and YES to following the value when no one sees you, the value is not really strong or important to you and you can take it off your list, because it is not likely to influence your actions and choices in any major way.

Now that you know how to test the strength of your values, why don’t you go take a look at our courses where we educate you more about the importance of your values in your career journey as well as how to make them work for you.