Being an active listener is a skill that will benefit all aspects of your life, especially your career. When you are in a meeting or having a conversation with someone at work, make sure that you understand what is being communicated. One of the biggest blocks to a successful career is to seem like you are disinterested or that you do not pay attention at work. These are things that other people notice, including your managers.

This includes general discussions at work but is especially important in meetings and when working on projects. People will notice if you constantly zone out during meetings or use your phone in that context. What do you think will happen if you are not paying attention and suddenly, your manager points at you and asks: “What do you think about that?” You will have to scramble for words and will not be able to answer in a reasonably acceptable way. This will leave you feeling embarrassed, and it could all be avoided if you were actively listening. 

Be present in discussions and make sure that you have understood what is being said and the meaning behind it. Pay close attention and put your phone away. Use a pen and a notebook to take notes in meetings. When you refer to something that was said in the previous meeting, you prove that you are actively taking part, and this will impress people.

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