How to be both ambitious and humble in your job

Having ambition is helpful but many people find it difficult to talk about being ambitious. It can seem like you are bragging. However, it is possible to be ambitious without boasting.


Ambition is a good thing 

To be ‘ambitious’ means you set high goals for yourself and work hard. This is a positive quality to have. Think about what it means to you to be ambitious and the best way to talk about this to other people. If you can find a positive way to speak about your ambitions, you will feel more confident about using them to help you.

Ambitious Doesn’t Mean Greedy

There is a difference between being ambitious and being greedy. Greedy people are never satisfied. Ambitious people want to create success for themselves and other people, and can be proud of what they achieve. Greedy people want easy shortcuts. Ambitious people like to be creative and don’t mind hard work. Greedy people want money or power. Ambitious people take pride and satisfaction in the things they create and achieve. 

You should focus on being ambitious without being greedy.

Ambition Is About Attitude

Truly ambitious people have an ambitious attitude that controls everything they do.. It’s not an attitude they just adopt for a few hours a day or at certain times of the week. Being ambitious means that whatever you do, you want to do it successfully. This applies to your job and to anything else you spend time on. When you’re ambitious, other people can see that you have specific goals in mind and are willing to make an effort. A genuine sense of ambition is never stressful — it’s just a natural part of who you are.