Having a good relationship with your manager is very important. This can have a positive impact on your career development.

Here are a few things you can do to make them take notice:

  • Show interest in your manager’s success

Few people think about how their manager’s success is measured. When you know the parameters that need to be met for them to successfully do their job, you will have several advantages:

– Now that you know what is important to the boss, you can contribute more to this. 

– You KNOW and you can avoid ASSUMING.

– You are able to prioritise your tasks better.

– The more you understand what is important to your boss, the more he or she will feel that you are on their team.

  • Open up and tell your manager about yourself

Your relationship with your boss is very important. When you connect with your boss on a personal as well as business level, it becomes easier to do your work. The better you know someone, the better you will understand them. This means that if you know your boss well, you will understand them better and misunderstandings will be avoided. 

  • Do as agreed

Be responsible. Build trust with the way you act. Once you have promised something, deliver on it. Act with responsibility and conviction and avoid being late or being unprepared. Let your boss and team know timeously when something that you are working on will be delayed. 

  • Do not give your manager surprises

The second worst thing a boss can possibly experience has to be surprises. The worst is negative surprises. Your boss also has a boss, and they have a relationship based on trust. I am sure your boss has promised his boss something by a certain date. If you surprise your boss, he will have to surprise his boss. Rather become a staff member that the boss can trust and rely on. Even a positive surprise can at the worst be interpreted as poor planning. 

  • Set the right level of expectation

Frustration is the result of expectations not being met. In your job it is crucial to deliver what and when you promise or commit to. Here are some ways to fix a bad working relationship. Following these tips will also help you to avoid not delivering what you promise.  

  • Keep your promises. 

Meet your deadlines ahead of time. Inform your boss of progress you have made, before she asks you.

  • Do not assume, make sure.

When the boss asks you to do something, do not assume that she wants it done immediately. Ask her when she needs it

  • Create a buffer.

When you are planning the project, put time aside so that you will be able to have a few hours or days before your deadline as a safety net.