How to become more observant

It’s a good idea to be observant at work and to notice things other people miss. However, this doesn’t mean you should listen to other people’s conversations, be nosy or interrupt people to ask what they’re talking about. Here are four good ways to be more observant around the office.

Put Your Phone Away
If you want to be observant, here’s the best single piece of advice: put your phone away. This is particularly important when you’re talking to other people. Never let your phone be a distraction. You don’t need to be glancing at your phone every thirty seconds. Put it out of sight where it can’t distract you. 

Stay Alert And Aware
Don’t get lost in your own thoughts all the time. Stay aware and alert. Get some fresh air, drink some water, move around and exercise a little. 

Notice Inside-Out Socks
This might sound like strange career advice! You shouldn’t actually crawl around under the table during a meeting to look at everyone’s socks. Instead, you should aim to be so alert that if someone around the office was wearing their socks inside out, you would notice. 

Take Notes 
Be the person in the company who takes more notes than anyone else and makes the best notes. Taking notes forces your mind to stay in ‘active’ mode and also means you don’t forget things.

Being more observant is a skill that will pay off in the end. If you can learn to establish yourself in your surroundings, you will be able to give your full attention to your tasks and do a better job. Your manager will likely notice this and appreciate you as an important member of the team.