How to build a great career and a better world for yourself

During one of our recent focus groups, all the individuals we interviewed stated that they do not want a job just to pay the bills. They want a fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful career. A career like this is most likely not going to come from the first job you get straight out of school, you might get lucky and love your first job, even make a successful fulfilling career out of it, but if this is that case, you will definitely be the exception to the rule.

Normally, a career like this needs to be built and cultivated by you. No one else can create your career for you. You are a unique individual and what you find meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling will be different than what your parents, friends and teachers find meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding. What you find meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding will also change through the different stages of your life. Right now, you are still young. It is normal that what you derive meaning from now, will change as you get older. That is why we created this platform. That you may get to know yourself incredibly well, so that you can make the best career decisions and choices for yourself, and build a meaningful,  rewarding and fulfilling career.

As soon as you understand that a career is something that you have to create and build for yourself, you are one step closer to having the career of your dreams. If a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling career is what you want, it is your responsibility to make it happen, to create and steer your career.

At Yong and through our courses, we take you through all the steps you need to take in order to build this career. Amund has decades of experience in the career world, and he created this platform so that you can learn from his experiences, so that you can save time and energy, by not having to experience them yourself. All the benefits and no risks.