How to feel secure in your career

Having a job means that you will have to complete tasks in order to meet goals. These goals could be given to you by your superior in the form of targets, or you will need to set these goals yourself, or it might even be a mix of the two. In order to achieve these goals and complete your daily tasks at work, you need to know what you are doing. You need to be and feel capable and competent at your job. So how do I achieve this? you might be thinking. Let’s explore what you need to think about in order to feel secure and competent in your job.

Each of us have unique skills and attributes that will make us better suited for some jobs and careers than for others. You need to find a career that suits you best. This means that you need to be aware of your strengths and attributes as well as your weaknesses. Secondly, you need to define for yourself what you think a self-assured and confident person is, what qualities they have, how they carry themselves and how they do their job. Do you know anyone that you consider to be a self-assured individual?

Now that you have a self-assured person in mind, what qualities and characteristics do they embody, what actions do they take and how do they behave? How can you apply this to your own life?

Envision yourself embodying the qualities of the person you described above, how does this feel? Does this feel right for you? Will this be good for you? Will this be fun? These three questions are questions you should be asking yourself regularly on your career journey. Understanding yourself and your values is not only important in your career journey or in creating your career. It also helps you to become more confident as a person, which makes you more self-assured.

Think about the self-assured people around you. They are confident and competent at what they do. They are able to remain calm in stressful or novel situations, they do not let themselves be caught off guard, they are steady in their directives, and they often make well-considered decisions. These types of people are often used as advisors or consultants. They are reflective and very rarely in a bad mood. Where do you think their self-assurance comes from? They know themselves and their values. When you know your values, you are able to confidently make good decisions. The more you live your values through your daily actions, the more attuned you will become to your intuitive experience or what is right and wrong. You will instinctively know what the right thing is to do.