How to find out what you want?

At the beginning of your career journey, you have to set the direction for yourself. You will probably have to adjust this direction several times as you progress through your professional life. Over the course of your career, you should regularly ask yourself reflective questions such as am I in the right job? Should I take on more responsibilities at work? Am I happy in my current position? Do I need further training or qualifications in order to progress in my career? When you know what questions, you need to revisit during the course of your career, you know what to be aware of as you start out this journey.

In order to ensure that you choose the right career path, you have to know yourself well. Our aim at Yong is to cultivate within you the curiosity and determination needed to create the career of your dreams, because you deserve it. The world has changed so much and so fast in the last few years and as someone starting out their career journey, the possibilities might be overwhelming.

What you want will change throughout your life as you age and your needs and wants change. Ideally you want a career that suits you so well that it can evolve and grow with you throughout your life. Knowing what you want will help you achieve this. In our course we have created easy to complete exercises that will help you find out what you truly want, not just what you think you might want based on where you are in your life at this moment.

Knowing who you are as a person will help you on your career journey, as will knowing your values, but what will really set you on your course to a successful rewarding career is explored in our course. Take a look here.