How to find your motivation

Few people understand what motivates them. When you are motivated with what you do, you will see that time begins to fly past and you will want to work rather than need to work. You can change the way you do things and achieve a feeling of fulfilment. Every step you take will be one step closer towards positive changes that improve your reality in the best way possible.

We have put together a short exercise that can help you find out exactly what it is that motivates you and gives you energy throughout the day, we encourage everyone to give this a try:

Make a list of what gives you energy in everyday life, this could be conversing with people, helping animals or a hobby perhaps like dancing or running, it can even be a mundane task like brushing your teeth. Now read the list you have created, what’s on it? These are the things in your life that spark joy within. Here are three tips to make sure you are doing enough of what is important to you:

  • Ask yourself:
    What am I motivated by?
  • Check:
    How much do I make of what motivates me?
  • Do something

Make a change if you find you are not doing enough of what motivates you!

When asking yourself ‘what am I motivated by?’ you are continuing to keep your list updated, and it will create self-awareness. You always need to check if you’re doing enough of what motivates you, this can be done by carrying your list with you or practising being in the present so that you are more aware of what you do throughout the day. Finally, do something- you need to change your daily patterns and routine to fit more of what motivates you. This can all take time; it is a process; however, it will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine.

Topic: Motivation Mastery