How to review your own performance at work

In most companies, your manager will review your performance on a regular basis. However, you can also conduct your own performance review of yourself. After all, it means you’re talking to someone who has your best interests at heart and with whom you can be completely honest! 

It’s a good idea to do this on a regular basis, such as once every six months. Take the time to consider a few questions. How happy are you at work? Does your job give you energy or leave you feeling drained? Do you find it fulfilling? Do you usually look forward to your day’s work? Do you feel you are making progress, personally and professionally? You might not enjoy every aspect of your job, but do you find most of your work interesting? 

Think about your job and, in particular, focus on what you like and what interests or excites you. When you give it some thought, you may find you’re actually pretty happy with your work. 

By having this type of ‘review’ with yourself, you stay alert and aware of both the good and bad aspects of your job. Make notes about your thoughts and feelings. You might think of a few things you could do to make your working life easier or more fulfilling. Bring these points up during your next appraisal with your manager.