The most important boundary discussion you will have in your job is with your boss. A good conversation starter about boundaries can be done in your job interview. During your interview ask the following question: “Do you pay attention to your work-life balance?” Most companies have a policy that limits how many hours an employee may work every week. After you have asked this question, you know how the company you are being interviewed by views the work-life balance.

Tell them that you are ambitious about your career but that having a balanced life is important to you and thus you need to have some boundaries. Ask them if that is something that they would like to discuss. Later, ask about the boss’s boundaries, because she probably has her own boundaries with regards to work. 

Some people are uncomfortable discussing their boundaries, they are afraid that they will be perceived as negative or as someone unreliable. This is false, no one can work round the clock, not even the boss. Talk about your own boundaries, but never make this your central theme. At least 75% of the conversation with your boss should be about opportunities that you see and what you expect, 25% of the conversation can be about challenges and boundaries you have.