How to figure out your salary benchmark

How do you know what your pay grade should be? Maybe you’ve been asked what you expect your salary at a new job to be, or you think you should be paid more for the job you are doing. It can be hard to know the right amount, and most people feel awkward or embarrassed about discussing their salary. However, it’s perfectly natural to discuss your salary with your manager. It is important to do your research first and so we suggest using one of these tools to help you. 

  • Glassdoor – Know Your Worth
    Glassdoor is a website where you can search for jobs, get interview training and leave company reviews. It is also great for finding information about salaries.
    You can either do your own research and find out by searching for companies or positions similar to your own, or you can use the “Know Your Worth” tool for a more personalized result.  This tool acts as a salary calculator, allowing you to enter information such as your location, experience and job title to work out what you should be earning.
    Glassdoor is a great option because the data is crowdsourced, meaning you can accurately compare yourself to other people in your field. 

  • LinkedIn Salary
    LinkedIn is known for network-building and job hunting. But you can also use it to view salary information.
    You need to provide your own salary information, as well as things like your skills and level of experience. Then you can view the combined salary data specific to your position. You can even view jobs you might want to apply for through the job database.
    A benefit to this tool is that it can help you predict how your salary might change in the future and how it might differ across companies and locations. 

  • Salary Expert
    Salary Expert mostly provides information to employers but it can also help employees figure out their salary benchmark.
    This tool is not as personalized as the others but this makes it great for quick comparisons of salaries.
    By entering your location and job title, you can see the average salary you would expect to be paid. You can also view a graph that shows the salaries for different experience levels of your job, helping you to predict the amount you might earn in future.