Most jobs can be found in job ads either in newspapers or online. But there are other ways to find work too. A lot of jobs go to those who know someone who knows someone. Who do you know who can know about interesting jobs that are right for you? Start with family and friends, ask, “Do you know someone who has a job that can be right for me?” If you do not do this, you may miss an opportunity.

Otherwise, jobs can come from several places:

  • You study something popular, and current businesses visit your school and make themselves interesting.
  • You can find job ads in newspapers and online.
  • You ask family and friends if they know of someone who has interesting jobs for a person with your background and interests.
  • You ask people other than family and friends. The football coach, your buddy’s father, your neighbour.
  • You contact businesses and ask. 
  • You come up with something crazy.

Nothing stops you from contacting businesses and asking yourself, the worst thing that can happen is that you get a no. You can send an email to relevant businesses, but it is better to call them. Or why not stop by? Ask to speak to someone who works in recruitment or HR. A conversation gives you both better information and opportunities than sending an email and hoping for the best.

Someone’s got jobs after doing a stunt. You stand outside a business with a poster, walk around the city where exciting companies are housed and ask people, or call a person you read about in the newspaper. This way requires courage – but why not? Most companies will hire people who dare take the initiative. 

But the vast majority must apply for jobs they know are available. Applying means you must write an application and go to an interview.