Why asking questions is an important skill

It is important for companies that their new employees ask when there is something that they do not understand. There is no such thing as a stupid question and the more questions you ask, the more you will get noticed. Asking questions is not stupid, what is, is to pretend you understand something when in fact, you don’t. When you pretend to understand something and only later ask what it means, your manager will be wondering, why didn’t he ask me earlier? 

Being able to ask questions when things are unclear is a strength, not a weakness. There is a lot about your new job that you probably don’t know yet. For example, abbreviations, jargon, terminology, procedures, concepts and all the practicalities of getting the job done. 

When you ask questions you will realise that there are other people who were also not clear on a certain topic. They were too scared to ask, so when you ask a question, you also help the others and you will also impress your manager. So be smart and ask questions.