Why is LinkedIn important for your career?

LinkedIn has become a very important platform for professionals to present their skills, experience and accomplishments. It is an excellent medium to connect with people who are in similar fields of work as yourself. You can also connect with people you know. You can follow companies that you admire and would like to work at.

In many cases recruiters and employers looking for potential employees with certain skills will use linked in to find them. Not only does linked in help you build a network of likeminded people, it also allows you to showcase your interests, and interact with other professionals.

Having a good profile on LinkedIn is also important in improving your chances of getting a job. A LinkedIn profile that contains your work experience, education, professional career, groups and other interests shows people who view your profile what kind of person you are. This helps recruiters see who could be potential candidates for the jobs on offer.

LinkedIn is most likely the first time your new employer will see anything about you. It is important to complete your LinkedIn profile fully. Check out our career courses on Yong to learn more about building a great LinkedIn profile that will set you apart from your peers and increase your chances of getting the job you want.