Why it’s better to say no sometimes

At the start of your career, you are keen to do a good job. However, that does not mean that you have to say yes to everything. You might think that your manager expects you to say yes, but you won’t know for sure. It could actually be negative to say yes to everything.

Here are six reasons why it can be dangerous to be a yes person at work:

1. You work yourself to death, if you say yes to everything that is requested of you, you have a huge chance of overworking yourself. Being hardworking and working a lot goes a long way, but not in the long run. Overworking yourself does not only impact your wellbeing, but it also impacts the quality of the work you do. 

2. You prioritize badly, an I-say-yes-to-everything person will have a hard time prioritizing. If you are going to say yes, make sure you don’t over-extend yourself.

3. You set the wrong expectation level, if you say yes to everything, you overpromise and tend to underdeliver. When you say yes to everything, you make others believe that you are capable of doing more than you can. This will inevitably lead to you disappointing them one day.

4. You will be perceived to have lower value, if you just blindly answer yes to everything, without first seeing what it is that you are saying yes to, and what it is about and why it is important, you will lower your value. If your manager asks you to do a task and you say yes without even giving it a second thought, you might perform the task badly. When you say yes to something, make sure that you understand what is expected of you. Do you understand the request? Do you know how long it will take to deliver on this request? Do you know how your manager wants you to present the results?

5. You do not seem balanced, it can be rewarding to please others, but not always. All relationships need balance, which can’t be achieved if you are the only one who is giving and giving, and the other side only takes. 

6. You can build an image of weakness. If you never have your own opinion and ask “how high” as soon as someone else says “jump”, people won’t come to you for advice. 

You are still early in your career, do not be too hard on yourself because you will soon learn how to set boundaries. If you don’t, other people can drive you too hard, or even worse, take advantage of you. So practice saying no and start building your career confidence.

Topic: Cool Confidence, The Leader In You